Reservoirs Liners & Baffle Curtains

Reservoir Liners

EvansEnviron install highly resistant reservoir liners which are used to hold almost any type of liquid within the Reservoir. The lining system is designed and installed to be resistant to all likely chemicals.

Any of the geomembranes can be used to line reservoirs, without them it makes protecting the liner very difficult. We use a strong liner that is resistant to ultraviolet light (UV), ozone as well as being able to deal with the full range of ambient (and liquid) temperatures is required.  Reservoir liners are predominately used for the containment of all liquids, water and treated water as well as solids and agricultural waste.

All our reservoir liners come with a guarantee and they vary in thickness depending on the project,

Reservoir Roof Lining

We also produce reservoir roof linings to stop contamination from getting into the clean water reservoir. More often than not we use an impermeable lining system to protect the water from contaminants that can leak in through the roof into the water supply.

Water companies are often required to cover reservoirs with roofs, if only to not adversely affect the landscape of the local area. Many reservoirs are covered to prevent rain water or wind blown debris contaminating the stored liquids. Covers also prevent evaporation.

Baffle Curtains

Baffle curtains are commonly used in reservoirs to ensure a continuous flow of water throughout the water storage area.

Baffle curtains have also occasionally been used in lagoons, and are manufactured from robust materials that can last a long period fully submerged. They can be anchored to the floor, the ceiling or both with the sole purpose of preventing both water stagnation and sediment deposit by forcing the water to flow in a set passage.

Please contact us if you require any additional information on reservoirs or baffle curtains, or need any quotes etc, & our team will be happy to help!