Reed Beds

Reed Beds

Reed beds are natural habitats found in floodplains, waterlogged depressions and estuaries are a biologically proven, environmentally-friendly way of treating wastewater, and have the added advantage of often been more effective than mechanical wastewater treatment systems.

EvansEnviron install reed bed systems as they are perfect for treating a range of effluents. They are suitable for everything from secondary to tertiary treatment of mild domestic effluent, to agricultural waste and even heavy industrial contaminants.

The reason why they are so effective is because within the bed’s root zone, natural biological, physical and chemical processes interact with each other to degrade or remove a wide range of contaminants. Artificial reed beds are used as a method of removing pollutants from grey water.

What Are The Benefits of Reed Beds? 

– >In comparison to conventional biological treatment systems, reed beds have relatively low operational costs.  Money on electricity is saved as the flow through the system is caused by gravity, so pumping is not required once the effluent is in the reed bed.

This also applies to aeration as it is facilitated by the reeds, so there is no requirement for blowers to aerate the system. Therefore no mechanical or electrical requirements are necessary.

– >Because reed beds are so low tech, there is no need to employ highly trained operators to use them

– >The effluents will be odour free as the degradation occurs within a solid format

– >They are incredibly adaptable to both the concentration and content of effluents. Reed bed systems have a high diversity of microorganisms, so they can adapt to diverse types and loads of effluents. They have extraordinary number of uses and have been used to break up the effluents of waste waters containing organic compounds, such as chlorinated hydrocarbons, dyes and sulphur containing aromatics and heavy metals.

– > They don’t produce sludges, which can be a significant problem in the entire operation of conventional biological systems

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