Chemical Storage Lagoons

Chemical Storage Lagoons

EvansEnviron use HDPE lining membranes when lining chemical storage lagoons as they are a very economical solution for a vast range of applications. They are recognized within the industry for their tremendous physical properties .

The HDPE liners are a much thicker geomembrane giving it high puncture resistance. This enables the liner to not only have excellent weathering properties but it also allows it to be extremely resistant to chemicals and hydrocarbons, making them perfect for chemical storage lagoons or bunds.

A Bund is an outer wall or tank designed to retain the contents of an inner tank in the event of leakage or spillage. The high resistance of the HPDE liner prevents the bunds from storing any form of contaminant that would generally destroy unprotected surfaces. As explained in our steel tank lining page, bunds last far longer if they coated as they protect against corrosion not just from the chemicals but from the atmosphere over time.

We can line chemical storage lagoon of any diameter and over the years worked on various sized lagoons from Scotland all the way down to Cornwall.

Water Storage Lagoons

We can line lagoons not just to store chemicals but also vast volumes of water. Our lined storage lagoons can act as both a water source and also as a storage facility for large volumes of water which occur during flash floods or  during heavy rainfall (see our page on attenuation tanks). These are known as Water Storage Lagoons and these have become very popular over recent years for flood protection, sea defence and storm water management purposes.

Please contact us today if you require any additional information or a quote for the construction. Whether you need a small water storage lagoon to help against flooding or a large chemical storage lagoon to store hazardous substances.