Health & Safety Policy

Health & Safety Policy

EvansEnviron are committed to achieving and maintaining high standards of safety, health and welfare for the employees of EvansEnviron and others who may be affected by our work activities.

It is company’s intention to ensure they operate in such a manner as to achieve the following:

• A healthy and safe environment for employees and others affected by the companies activities

• The prevention of accidents and ill health at work (including out-of-office, project and site based activities)

• Compliance with and correct application of relevant health & safety legislation and industry best practice

• Good standards of health & safety instruction and training to ensure competency of our staff and others, as necessary

• Consultation with our employees on all matters affecting their health & safety

• The setting of health & safety objectives and targets annually for all parts of the company

• Allocation of sufficient resources, including finance and time, to enable the company policy to be implemented in full

• Regular monitoring and auditing the companies compliance with the policy

• The review and agreement of the policy and future health & safety objectives and targets formally each year