Golf Course Liners

Golf Course Liners

As a specialist installer of geomembranes and golf course liners, EvansEnviron Ltd can offer a variety of services and lining systems for golf course construction, refurbishment and maintenance. For the purpose of water circulation and efficient drainage, we also line natural watercourses and ditches that can surround a course to prevent any problems occurring.

A variety of different membranes or synthetic liners are commonly installed in both lakes and ponds depending on the individual circumstances of the golf course.

At EvansEnviron we use flexible liners so they can be installed to fit any shape of trench or channel, the benefit of this is they give constant water supply to all areas of the golf course which is important throughout the dry summer months. Golf Course Liners play an important role as they help keep the water  in the strategically places golf course lakes and ponds looking aesthetically pleasing, due to the prevention of water depletion.

A well installed golf course liner can prevent excess dirt and silt from ruining the liner which in turn will cause leaks which is very expensive to fix.

We can also provide liner services for:

  • Lake & Pond Construction
  • Lake Restoration
  • Aquatic Habitats
  • Decorative Ponds

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Pond Liners And Lake Liners

EvansEnviron are experienced in installing pond liners and lake liners. For ponds we use synthetic sheet liners to provide a cost effective and assured method of lining manmade water areas no matter how big or small the area.

We also fit water feature liners to match your design, as water features are becoming a lot more common and can prove expensive if not installed properly. Another service we provide is pond and lake lining repairs & rehabilitation.

Geomembranes are now becoming popular within the construction of lakes and fishing lakes. They provide a cost-effective and secure method of waterproofing these earth-built, in-ground water areas. Geomembranes are progressively being used in the renovation of leaking projects, which often occur in clay lined lakes.

It is important to note that when fitting a fishing lake liner you have to make sure the liner is “fish friendly” to ensure you don’t have to re-do the job, as that would be very expensive error.

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