Building Attenuation Tanks for the purpose of collecting storm water is a good idea!


With the regular water restrictions, hose-pipe bans it makes sense to look at alternative way to gain a supply of water. Attenuation Tanks have become very popular with commercial outlets and now with people for their residential home.

We decided to look at the different reasons why rainwater harvesting using an Attenuation Tank would be a good idea.

1) Beat the hosepipe bans

Hose pipe bans have become a regular occurrence over the years and although the consumer is told to use less water and not to water their garden by a hose pipe, people are still paying the same amount of water bills.

When hose pipe bans are announced, gardeners worry about their garden and the plants and how they are going to survive without any water, thanks to Attenuation Tanks and the harvesting of rain water, gardeners can still water their garden.

2) Save Money

For people who have a water meter, harvesting rain water can save a great deal of money. Instead of increasing your water bill by using your household water for the garden, you can use the water that you have harvested.

Harvested water can be used for other purposes which includes washing the car or the outside of the house.

 3) Having An Attenuation Tank Can Make It Easier To Sell A House

With more people caring about the environment and looking for ways to reduce their foot print and to reduce what natural resources they use, an Attenuation Tank can put property on a property and make the property easier to sell.

It makes sense to build an Attenuation Tank for your residential property. By harvesting rain water it is allowing people to become more environmentally friendly as well as helping to reduce utility bills.

More new property companies are now installing Attenuation Tanks in their new properties; make new homes even more greener.

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