Building Attenuation Tanks for the purpose of collecting storm water is a good idea!


With the regular water restrictions, hose-pipe bans it makes sense to look at alternative way to gain a supply of water. Attenuation Tanks have become very popular with commercial outlets and now with people for their residential home.

We decided to look at the different reasons why rainwater harvesting using an Attenuation Tank would […]

The Importance of Sea Defence Systems in the UK

As all citizens of the United Kingdom are well aware, the UK has had an extremely wet and difficult start to 2014. Due to heavy rains, fierce storms, and tidal surges, the United Kingdom has experienced massive prolonged flooding and are scrambling for a solution. They are experiencing tidal flooding from sea and tidal rivers, […]

Importance of Flood Defence Systems

Whether you are a business owner, government official or a homeowner, owning real estate or property located within a flood zone or in a lowland puts your precious assets at risk of damage or destruction from flooding. Scientists believe flood events will only increase with global warming and the concurrent rise in sea levels, even […]