Contaminated Landfill Capping

Contaminated Landfill Capping

Contaminated land contains substances in or under the land that are actually or potentially hazardous to health or the environment. Contamination can also occur naturally as result of the geology of the area, or through agricultural use.

Britain has a long history of industrial production and throughout the UK there are numerous sites where land has become contaminated by human activities such as mining, industry, chemical and oil spills and waste disposal.

This gives the UK a fundamental problem as it causes conflict between the requirement and demand for land development because it coincides with the rapidly deteriorating availability of greenfield sites.

The Government now wants to bring as much Brownfield land as possible back into use and as ongoing policy of encouraging public and private sector investment into the development of brownfield Sites this redevelopment of contaminated land will help to limit unnecessary development of Greenfield sites and preserve the countryside.

Why Use EvansEnviron for Contaminated Landfill Capping Installation?

EvansEnviron will assist in this development with the installation of suitable geomembranes prior to development on the contaminated land. We install a gas resistant geomembrane which has the ability to withstand damage during placement and installation. The membrane consists of strong properties that make it highly tear and UV resistant. As well as its resistant qualities it is also known for its tensile strength against punctures which can be caused through abrasion.

Because of the risks contaminated land creates, from the environment to people’s health, it is vital you choose a company with many years experience in the industry that will undertake any contaminated landfill capping work in a fast, highly efficient manner.

At EvansEnviron we only produce top quality workmanship so please contact us if you require any additional information, quotes,  etc, and our team will be happy to help!