Attenuation Tanks (SUDS)

Attenuation Tanks (SUDS)

EvansEnviron Ltd specialise in the installation of geomembranes for Attenuation tanks for the purpose of collection of storm water.

In the majority of new build projects across the UK, storm water management is a critical element that needs to be addressed. The increase in urban development has led to a decrease in the natural drainage areas for rain water to return to streams and rivers.

Combined with the increasing rainfall and rising sea levels due to global warming, it creates frequent, localised flash flooding as water volumes far exceed the capabilities of many existing sewerage systems. This has led to a huge rise in insurance claims with some area’s now ‘blacklisted’ making sure flood damage can’t be obtained.

Attenuation tanks and rainwater harvesting systems have become paramount in new residential and commercial developments because they alleviate these problems, as they are designed to manage peak flow rates in storms by storing the excess run-off water beneath the ground and controlling when and at what rate the water is released into streams and rivers.

Attenuation tanks can be used on a wide range of projects from individual housing to large scale storage lagoons beneath car parks. They are vital in preventing flash floods which occur when there is an increased amount of rainfall, which also leads to rising sea levels. The installation of Attenuation tanks play a critical role in resolving the issue of excess of surface water run-off.

Attenuation Tank InstallationAttenuation Tanks

The Advantages of Storm Water Attenuation Tanks

  • Low Cost
  • Easy To Construct
  • Risk of flooding reduced due to a slower water run-off
  • Lower risk of sewer flooding during heavy rain

We can install attenuation tanks which have been specifically designed for each individual application depending on the customers requirements, as some prefer utilising flow control mechanisms whilst other clients prefer integral pumped systems. We can also cater for phased installations with multiple tank installations

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