Water Proofing

Water Proofing

In building construction over the last 20 years for roads, tunnels, bridges etc membranes have been used as the conventional system for waterproofing structures. A structure needs waterproofing since concrete itself will not be watertight on its own.

At EvansEnviron we use synthetic geomembrane systems on all new projects that act as a barrier between the water and the building structure, preventing the passage of water. We also cater for existing structures to help prevent additional deterioration.

We use this because a synthetic geomembrane system can form a barrier to chemical attacks, and potential attacks by gas present in the surrounding land. It is has a very strong resistance and prevents corrosion caused by water infiltrating the concrete structure.

Water proofing of basements is very popular as water which leaks in to will be contained and continue to rise causing a lot of chaos and damage to the owner. EvansEnviron strive to meet the highest standards in all our water proofing work to meet your needs and expectations.

We do this to coincide with the British Structural Waterproofing Association which seeks to improve standards within the structural waterproofing industry.

Water proofing can offer excellent solutions car parks, basements, reservoirs and pond liners.

Structural Water Proofing

We can deliver on any type of water proofing project from basements to structural water proofing. As specialists in this sector we assess the nature of the building and the clients requirements from their design. Then we select the correct method of water proofing and construct it to the highest standard, whether it is a new build or refurbished building.

Please contact us if you require any additional information on water proofing construction, would like a quote for your project or to discuss times scales. We work throughout the UK and Ireland and have skilled technicians to help fulfil your requirements.