Steel Tank Lining

Steel Tank Lining

Steel tanks are used to hold a variety of materials such as drinking water, wastewater, chemicals and fuel. If they were to leak, they could cause a range of problems. Hazardous materials such as wastewater and chemicals can be dangerous to the people, animals and area surrounding them should they leak through a steel tank. Steel tank lining can prevent a problem like this occurring and prevent you needing to clean up an environmental incident which could cost tens of thousands of pounds to put right with fines and the clean-up operation combined.

Lining your steel tanks can protect them from corrosion and leaks in the future. The process can last for many years extending the life of your steel tank when done professionally. If you feel that there may already be a leak or possible weakness it would be advisable to get the tank inspected and treated with steel tank lining.

There are different lining materials available depending on the material you wish to store, for example a fuel storage tank would need to be coated with a special laminate system such as GRP. This is applied with a hose to give the inside of the tank a lining that is seamless. In the case of fuel storage, it is usually the bottom only that needs to be lined. With a tank that is used to store treated water, the entire tank would need to be lined.

Why Do Steel Tank Lining?

There are many reasons why steel tank lining is essential in this day and age. The are mainly used for:

Chemical Storage

There are lots of rules and regulations surrounding the storage of chemicals because of the potential danger to health and the environment. Those responsible for storing these chemicals also have a duty of care to ensure they are stored safely.  Although staff will receive health and safety training to work around dangerous chemicals, a faulty storage tank could put them at unnecessary risk. Coating the storage tanks can further reinforce it to minimize the risk of a dangerous leak and does not need to be replaced for many years after the initial coating.

Just imagine what could happen should one chemical storage tank leak and mix with other nearby chemicals that react badly together. The risk is one not worth taking so a full inspection and lining is most definitely recommended.

Wastewater Tank Lining

Wastewater can carry many bacteria that can cause damage to the environment and those working or living around it, which is why it has to be stored safely before it can be cleansed. In order to do this safely, it will need to be stored in a tank that is strong enough to withstand the volume, but preferably in one that is also lined so that damage through corrosion is less likely to occur. This will minimize the risk of contamination, clean-up operations and possible legal action being taken against you.  If you spot a leak, it would usually mean that you have to replace the storage apparatus, or put it out of commission until it has been repaired. With steel tank lining you would only need to do without it for a very short while, after which it can be used safely once again.

Bund lining system

A bund is a specialized storage box that can contain a higher volume of liquid including oil and chemicals. Used widely by utility companies they last longer if they are coated. The specialist coating for chemicals will stop them from causing erosion and can be applied even to a wet container. They are usually resin based and can also remedy cracks that have appeared through age and use to prevent leakage and contamination to surrounding areas.  The legalities that apply to chemical and hazard waste leakage need to be strongly adhered to or prosecution and in severe cases even imprisonment can occur. At the very least a clean-up operation and legal costs could run a bill of thousands of pounds!

The installation process of the steel tank lining is fast and the adhesion is strong even in wet conditions. It takes very little time to dry, which means your business will not be disrupted for an extended period of time as it would if you were to replace the storage tank.Lining Technology can provide the solution to your  requirements whether it is for irrigation purposes, stormwater management or flood protection.

If you’re looking for a reliable company with 14 years experience installing linings for steel tanks, then please contact us. If you require any additional information, quotes, etc, we’ll more than happy to assist you.