Landfill / Basal Lining

Landfill Lining

Geomembrane liners are essential components for the environmental protection of all landfill sites. A landfill liner, is intended to be a low permeable barrier, which is laid down under engineered landfill sites.

Within the basal lining to any landfill cell it is vital that slope stability and waste stability are taken into account. We use HPDE plastic when lining landfills as it is versatile properties allow us to not only cater for flat conditions but steeper side slopes as well. Textured surfaces are commonly used to prevent any sliding movements the waste body and liner surface.

A correctly specified and installed liner can hold and divert leachate contaminants and its toxic constituents, organic landfill pollutants and prevent their entry into the groundwater over a long period of time.

Apart from landfill lining we also do tie-ins and repairs outside tie ins. A tie in is where we tie into the existing cell, it acts as protection liner that protects the geosynthetic membrane. This is also used in Basal Lining.

Basal Lining

Basal lining is another barrier in the system to prevent leachate from migrating into water, soil etc. The contents of Basal composite layer using is made up of 2.0mm HDPE and a Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL).

The Basal lining is consists of different grades of geotextiles. They act as protection for the membrane, which provide added puncture and tear resistance. Without this the membranes face a much higher risk of been punctured by cover soils or stones.

They are mainly used on slopes as they provide high friction resistance and are perfect when used with more rough type of membranes which are always found on slopes.

Geotextile protectors provide a positive drainage path to collect gas to avoid uplift and friction.

Basal Liners only take a miniscule amount of the total cost of a project despite been the most essential element for the protecting the environment.

Please contact us if you require any additional information regarding landfill or basal lining, or quotes for installation etc, our team will be happy to help!