Slurry Lagoon Lining

Lagoon Lining

EvansEnviron specialise in the sealing of slurry lagoons, water storage lagoons, settlement lagoons, irrigation lagoons and ash lagoons.

Lagoons can be constructed as either storage lagoons or dewatering lagoons. A lagoon is a shallow body of liquid waste material which essentially means a large pond dug out for containment of the sludge. They can take the form of any man made body of contained water such as ponds, lakes and reed beds.

EvansEnviron also undertakes the construction of storage lagoons that are designed to store and collect solids for some predetermined length of time. For this we use HPDE Plastic as it is more plyable than other materials such as LEPD plastic. The storage lagoons are equipped with sealed bottoms to protect the groundwater and have the capability to decant.

No matter what size the lagoon is, care will be taken to present an attractively installed product, which has been value engineered to offer and exceptional long service.

EvansEnviron have years of experience of installing Slurry Liners in Lagoons. We provide our services throughout the UK to agricultural, residential and commercial clients.

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Slurry Lagoon Lining

Slurry lagoons are lined for environmental reasons, and are all constructed with robust and durable products using the most specialist engineering techniques.

The slurry liners are impermeable which prevent pollution of ground water and all of our liners can be covered with concrete to create a solid foundation for ramps or the base.

With this measure in place UK farmers can now meet the increasing demands of the Environment Agency and Defra with regard to the handling and storage of fluid fertilizers, making slurry lagoon lining a very important job.

Between the robust products and the specialised engineering techniques a long serving lagoon will be constructed which is fully compliant with Environment Agency policy. EvansEnviron are specialists in slurry lagoon lining installation and our technicians are fully qualified to deliver a fast and efficient service.

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